Lifetime 15x8 Outdoor Storage Shed Review

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Lifetime 15' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed Review.

Lifetime model no. 6446 is the best 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed available on the market today. It is equipped with shutters, windows, and skylights with a lovely light tan/beige color of the walls and dark brown on the roofing, doors and shingles. The design is a modern minimalist style which looks clean, sturdy and simple.

The floor is made is made of a high density high quality plastic rubber material, or a vinyl, note that it is not wood. It is the same material as the roof, wall and roofing. It is pretty sturdy though.  However, like any other plastic, it is highly recommended to put a piece of  wooden board underneath the flooring if you plant to put sharp or heavy objects on it. 3/4 plywood is a good options as 1/2 might not strong enough to support it.

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 Also note that this outdoor shed needs a flat base, whether it is concrete, wood, or your backyard. If it is not level, it is good to use a raised plywood to make it leveled and to overcome the little flood issue on your backyard. make sure the base is flat and it will be golden otherwise there will always be sort of miss alignment and you wouldn't want to have his issue as it make it weak.

If you build and assemble it correctly, Lifetime outdoor shed is very durable. It does not fade or deteriorate over time or become damaged because of the sun. You can even have it relocated several time and will still be good only if you have a flat base.

The window part of this outdoor shed is made of a clear piece of plastic, or called a plexiglass that slide up when you open it. Note that it is the plexiglass portion not the whole window frame. The plastic material that divides the four plexiglass is part of the wall and it is not moveable.

The best feature of this outdoor shed is that it is very flexible and modular. For example you can ad 30" extension which has an extra floor module, 2 walls, 2 roofs, 1 truss and 1 light or if you need a bigger space you can even add an another Lifetime shed and combines them together maybe with a different size like the 10x8 one.

One drawback of outdoor she like this one is as with other non permanent building, it didn't pass the Florida hurricane code. The hurricane regulation in each state is different therefore to be specifically follow them you may need to get additional parts and customization from other manufacturer. However this unit is already pretty sturdy as it can survived 70mph blizzard wind during winter. All and all Lifetime 15x8 Outdoor Storage Shed is a perfect investment for your storage needs.

Where to buy?

The Lifetime shed can be found on many local shops or online store. However, I find that Amazon has the best price and they also offer superb free shipping. For a big and heavy product, nothing beats the free no cost shipping :D  Compare their price here!

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