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Don't buy Lifesmart Rock Solid Plug & Play Spa before you read this review.

Want some relaxing moment after whole day work? Imagining to lay your tired back on a hot tub? Or enjoying the soft massage from a hot water stream to your body? But you don't want the difficult installation.

A friend of mine ask me the same question so I decided to do some research on what is the best options with her limited budget (around $ 2,000). Everyone wants to have a comfort life with as little spending as possible and as little headache as well. Life is to be enjoyed not to be stressed.

After looking here and there, I finally come down to the Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa as the best plug and play spa within 2,000 dollars budget. The normal price is $ 2,500 however Amazon as always offered it with hard-to-reject discount.

Check Out & Compare the price yourself here!

The Luna Plug and Play Spa by Lifesmart features:
  • 3 seating position. Remember though that with 3 or more adults inside this portable spa, everyone need to fold their knee to fit in. If you are by yourself, you can definitely lay as you like comfortably, and if there is another person that means a little friendly touch one and another. Not a big problem,as mostly my friend will only used it for two max.
  • 12 jets in total. Good for water circulation and of course soft and gentle massage over your tired body. The jet stream is nice, not too hard or too soft. You can even turn it off if you just want to lay yourself .
  • Electricity: 110 volt with 15 Amp dedicated circuit plug and play operation. The electricity is used to heat the water and to pump it to the jet stream. The max water is 104 degree which is good and healthy for a 30 minutes bath. It is recommended to set you water temp at 100 degree first and once it reached that point you can rise or lower it according to your need. If the electricity went down, a good 10,000 watt generator might be useful.
  • Comfort Vale Air Mixing System. This is to create that nice bubbles which make your skin breath in the water. I'm not sure if skin can take a  breath in the water however to have the bubbles is a nice sensation. It give a softer massage effect from the jet.
  • Warranty: 5 year for the Shell, 1 year for the electronics, and 90 days labor for the pump. Considering this unit is a portable, five years warranty is a good choices. Those who live in a rented apartment or houses and want to move someday will be benefited the most by the portability and the plug and play features. You definitely wouldn't want to have a permanent one if you are not planning to put it on your permanent residence.

The product dimension is 70 x 66 x 29 inches and weighted 255 pounds so make sure you have enough space and flooring to handle the weight. If you are planning  to put it outdoor make sure to have a solid and evenly flat ground beneath. It is recommended to put a little foundation if you are planning to put it directly on the ground as the rain water or the tub water may erode the soil nearby to make it uneven someday.

Be aware of a little increase in your electric bill, as running this Lifesmart plug and play spa might cost you around $20 - 40 on your electricity bill. I think that's still okay considering the comfort it offers. It's a hot watered jet spa ladies and gentleman. Little bucks for a great relax.

The spa can hold approximately 240 gallons of water and you need to get a chemical test kit and the chemicals of course like chlorine, bromine and acid/alkaline depending on your water. The chemicals will cost you less than $20 per year, pretty cheap though. Don't forget to get a good quality chemical test kt, remember your skin is the Top priority.

If you want to reduce the chemical, it  is a good idea to get an ozonator. Another addition which is useful is steps which is sold separately and LED lighting for those who want some disco feeling. The Lifesmart portable spa already come with the cover which is great to cover it from snow, dust or insects.

A recommended chemical is called the "Leisure time free" which cost around $40 and have all the chemicals needed,it doesn't give the chemical odor or irritating your skin. You definitely need the chemicals to prevent nasty mold in your tub which is highly unhealthy.

In terms of durability, Lifesmart seems to life its name. Many customer who own this spa for more than two years are still satisfied and find no problems either on the unit or the heater. This plug and play hot tub is durable as a solid rock although made of plastic.

For drainage, there is a built in drain near the bottom which is great as you don't need any pump to empty it. However, you might need to bail it a little bit do completely dry it. Let's consider it as a little sport, it's not a hard work.

There is also a built in water filter in this 4-person spa so it is ready to operate. The filter is used to prevent dirt like hair or gunk from the water entering the motor and pump which may damage the engine. Never run this spa without the filter, that would be a very bad idea. An extra additional filter might be good idea if your water quality is not so good. Well this is highly depends on location and your water service. You have to decide this on yourself maybe ask a neighbor is a good choice. Inviting them to join?

The heater is durable. Most user run it all the time especially during the winter. It will automatically turn off once it reached your desired temperature and turn on again once the water temp decreased. It's a very nice features especially during the winter when you want to jump in it as soon as you reach home.

For you who ever needs the manuals, you can always download it from the manufacturer website or from here. I believe you will hardly need it as indeed this Lifesmart spa is just plug it and it will be ready to run automatically, like magic.


Where to buy Plug & Play Spa?

Lifesmart Plug & Play Spa can be found on most local hardware store, and they area also available online. I find that Amazon has the best price for it. They also offer free shipping which is great since this is a huge products. If you are interested to get one, compare their price first here.
 Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation video:

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