Best Salt Pool Chlorinator Hayward AQR15 40000-Gallon Review

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Best Salt Pool Chlorinator Hayward AQR15 40000-Gallon Review.  Don't buy it before you read this info. If you have a pool which needs constant addition of chlorine to keep water crystal clear but do not want the tedious work, try considering an electric salt chlorine generator.

A chlorine generator works by adding salt to your pool automatically time to time to keep the salt level steady at the recommended level. The recommendation is 3 ppm of salt, that is 3 part per million. Therefore getting the correct size of chlorine generator is highly necessary. Too small generator will produce less salt and vice-versa.
 Getting the Hayward Salt Pool Generator via online is much cheaper compare to  getting it via your local shop. This is a major consideration adn never forget to always compare the prices first before you buy this auto salt control unit. Often times there are some discount and free shipping available.

Compare the price & check for a free delivery.

 During installation of your Hayward AQR15 Chlorine generator you must follow the instruction in the manual. It also helpful to watch the installation video available on the net. It shouldn't be very difficult if you have the proper piping size. However if you aren't confident, you can always ask aplumber and electrician to install the unit.

All you need for installation is included in the box. For the Hayward AQR15 package, the flow switch is included in a module with two 1.5 inch female slip unions whereas the T3 also has two female slip to threaded adapters. The arrangement will allow cleaning or replacement of the T3 without disrupting its performance.

Some user recommend not to use 100% salt setting as this may increase the salinity of your pool. As every state has different climate and thus different evaporation level, the salt addition may differ as well. The best is try to set your discharge at 75% and after a night or so check whether the salinity is good at 3ppm. If it is less try putting a bigger setting, 75% is a good starting though.

The Hayward Aqua Rite Chlorine generator comes in three different sizes so you may want to adjust according to your pool capacity. The AQR3 is for pool up to 15,000 gallon, the AQR9 is for pool up to 25,000 gallon and AQR15 is for those up to 40,000 gallon. Choose your size wisely and accordingly.

For the Hayward Aqua-rite in ground chlorine generator up to 40,000 gallon, the T-cell included is T-15, which is implied by the AQR15 model number. The lower chlorinator capacity will have a smaller T-cell. This is to ensure that your pool will have the proper amount of salt (3ppm) all the time.

If durability is your concern then getting the right size is a must. If you for example has a 30,000 gallon pool but you choose to use the 25,000 version then the unit will have to work harder to produce enough chlorine which will eventually deteriorate the unit faster. Another concern is your climate, if it is hot like in Texas, consider getting one class bigger. For example, a 25,000 gallon Chlorinator can be used on a 21,000 pool ideally. However, in hot area consider getting the 40,000 gallon capacity instead. With proper maintenance the unit can be expected to last at least 10 years.

Another important maintenance step is to always store the unit during winter and clean it thoroughly before you store it. Bathing the pool Chlorinator with muriatic acid and a thorough rinsing and cleaning will keep the generator healthy for the next summer season.

One drawback of a salt pool chlorine generator is that the salt may rust your metal nearby such as the bolts and nuts of you pool ladder. The repetitive exposure to salt water and air for long term will definitely react with the iron material. To overcome this simply use synthetic nuts and bolts or stainless steel materials.

All and all, the Hayward AQR15 Aquarite Salt Pool Chlorine Generator is a good investment for your pool. This chlorinator does a marvelous job to keep your pool crystal clear even if you leave your pool for a month. Algae doesn't grow on your perfectly balance salt level and your skin and eyes won't be irritated by the water. No more manually adding chlorine to your loved pool.

To put it briefly the Hayward Gold Line Salt Pool Chlorinator is:
  • The World's No.1 Salt Chlorinator - genuine excellence,luxurious experience.
  • Premium comfort - delivers soft, silky,luxurious water with no more red eyes.
  • Convenient - never mix, measure, lug or store chlorine again. Huge savings - up to 50%or more over conventional chlorine

Where to buy Hayward Aquarite?
The salt pool chlorine generator can be found on local hardware shops or online store. I find the best price on Amazon. They also provide free shipping and awesome customer relationship if you need any question or complaint for the product. Check out here to compare their price.

Hayward AQR15 Aquarite Salt Pool Chlorine Generator - complete video installation:

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