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Recommended 10,000 Watt Hybrid Gas & Propane Generator: Duromax XP10000EH.  Looking for a reliable and durable 10000w generator? Me too. After doing extensive research on the internet and looking at many options available,  I decided to review the Duromax XP10000EH generator.  Why do I choose this generator? simply because it support hybrid fuel so you can choose between regular gasoline or liquid propane to power the generator. I believe this is a very nice feature.

The Duromax xp10000eh has a dual fuel system that operates on either standard gasoline or cleaner burning liquid propane which can more than double you generator's run time. With the xp10000eh, operating on propane will not gum up or foul your generator's carburetor and will give you quick, reliable starts. It only takes a few seconds to switch over from regular gas to propane and with the flexible line, you can easily hook up any size propane tank including the one from your barbeque.

When the ambient temperature is under 40 degrees propane by nature contracts and the pressure within the cylinder is not powerful enough to push enough gas into the carburetor to start the engine. The solution to this is to start the engine on gasoline for a few minutes and then switch over to propane.

Another good feature is that this generator is no louder than standard lawn mower when operate. The sound rating is 69-72 decibels at 21 feet, and there is no need to replace the built in muffler to reduce the sound, you want need one. Bigger chance is that you will void the warranty or ruin the performance so I recommend to keep it as standard as possible.

This generator has a rated ac output: 8000 watts and max ac output: 10,000 watts so check and carefully count your electricity power needs before deciding to get this one. If your need is higher than this you will need a bigger one such as 12,500, 15,000 or even 20,000 watt generator. If your calculation comes to below 8,000 watt this generator is a perfect choice.

In case you don't know, it is best to have a generator output higher than your needs. It's like having a big wattage on your home even if you need only small power as they wouldn't trip. A lower generator rating will cause trip very often and might damage the generator as well. Always take a bigger generator rating.

Duromax 10000 watt generator is equipped with several electric outlets: 2-120v 20 amp 3-prong outlets/1-120v 30 amp twist lock/1-120v/240v 30 amp twist lock/1-120v/240v 50 amp heavy duty outlet/1-10a 12v which is a standard US electricity requirement so you wouldn't need any converter.
Note that to run 50 amp on 240 voltage you will need a 100 gallon propane tank. For 120volt you can use smaller liquid propane tank.

This 18 hp generator is also has several panels for indicator, such as: oil warning light, key start switch, volt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets. The oil warning is very useful since this is what most owners are forget after several years of using, especially if you are a living alone lady.

However as with any other generators, the Duromax XP10000EH does not produce sine-wave electricity which means there are some noise in the electricity generated. This would mean that it is highly recommended to put a quality surge protection or a high quality AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) system to reduce the noise and keep the voltage constant.

The AVR is extremely useful to protect delicate instruments in your house like the computer, flat screen TV, home entertainment, sensors, or smartphone charging. Every generator will produce spike here and there so be wise to spend a little more to save more, don't you agree?

It is also quite easy  to switch between gas and propane as the generator is built in as a hybrid system. A little warning is that if you previously using gas to power the generator, make sure to run out all the gas from the carburetor. The easiest way to do this is to start the generator and turn the gas switch position to off and let the generator to stall out on its own. After no gas is left, just hook up to the propane tank and press the propane primer button three times. After all are done, you can start the 10000 generator normally by still following the user manual.

There is a 5 feet propane hose available on the package so you don't need to buy one. The size of the hose is the same as the 20 lbs propane cylinder for gas grill. As with grill, you don't need to buy a safety propane gauge or regulator, however if you really want a gauge you can always add it with extra 20 dollars.

Even though this best 10000 watt generator can run either by gas or propane, I would recommend to keep it using propane as much as possible and only use gas when emergency or you are running out of propane. The reason is propane keeps the oil cleaner than gas and therefore will keep it in its best performance.

In case you are wondering if this generator will run on natural gas, the answer is no. It runs only on propane and gasoline. Natural gas has a significant lower BTU capacity compare to propane, therefore the engine might not get sufficient fuel when running  on natural gas. Another thought is that generator are normally used during emergency, when there is a black out or disaster. If you use the NG and the NG supply is cut off then you don't have the fuel for your generator. Maybe it is purposely designed this way to overcome the disaster energy supply issues.

For those who need a transfer switch, it is best to consult with a certified electrician and have them setup/install it for you. 10,000 watt is not a low power and without proper handling may cause fire or other problems. I recommend Reliance Controls  for a reputable transfer switch.

To start this fuel efficient generator, you can use either the electric start or the manual recoil pull start rope in case the battery is not working. The electric start is very convenient for ladies who live alone therefore this unit is highly recommended.

Remember that this generator is designed as a portable generator which mean it requires manual start either by pressing the electric start button or by pulling the coil cord. It is very difficult to implement an auto start. You will need a very professional electrician to install the automatic transfer switch.

The product is made in China and before you said Oh my God China, consider that this generator has so many good review and with its price its the best you can get. Note that you do not need to run a generator everyday, and you only need it during emergency, and it come with warranty as well. Important to keep in mind for all type of generator is to never ever overload their capacity and always change the oil regularly. If you follow these two simple instructions, the generator will be sure to last long.

For a better electricity precaution, it is highly recommended to put a grounding of any generator, including this one, either when use it as a stand alone or using a transfer switch. The grounding connector is located on the lower right hand corner panel which is a little nut-connection. You can use a green ground wire to ground it.

The fuel consumption is a around 8.3 gal of gasoline for 10 hours of normal operation. If you use a 20lb propane tank, it will also run the generator for 10 hours.

This unit is has an auto battery charging so it will automatically charge its own battery during the running operation. There is also a socket in case you might need to charge other battery. This feature is extremely useful if your car's battery need charging or your RV batteries went off. There is also an idle control which works automatically.

Where to buy?
It's available on may stores online and offline. However, I find that Amazon has the best price offer.  Click to compare the price.

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  1. What a nice generator! I like its looks. The features are also great but I think honda 2000 generator is much reliable than this one. Honda generator is quite affordable too! Isn’t that true?

    1. Yes alford jasim. However Honda is also much more expensive. This one is cheaper however still can deliver good quality for its price. You can get two or three of thus units form the price of a single 10,000 watt Honda Generator.

  2. What if I store my propane tank inside where it is warmer than 40 and hook it up outside when I need it, will it start without using gasoline?

  3. FYI, you cannot run this in the 240 setting with any load whatsoever with less than a 100 gallon propane tank. I didn't know different size tanks put out different btus. Ad leads consumer to believe it can run ones house on a 20 to 40 pound tank, not true, we have one. 50 amp plugs into house, switch to 120/240 with gasoline is great but will not run lp with load unless lp tank is huge. You can run 110 off small lp but not 50amp 240. Misleading.

    1. Can you run 50 amp 110 without a problem? The only 240 I have is my Central air and I can go without that.

    2. Thanks for the info Neysa. I've add the information

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