Best Slow Cooker Cuisinart MSC-600

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Best Slow Cooker Cuisinart MSC-600.

Create one-pot meals your family will love with the Cuisinart Cook Central 3-in-1 Multicooker. Three fully programmable cooking functions let you sauté vegetables, brown meats and slow cook your favorite comfort foods right in the unit. Skip the stovetop with combination cooking -- brown your ingredients in the unit and then simply switch to the slow cook function. Use the Cook Central to prep any aspect of your favorite dish. Select the steam function to prepare stuffed artichokes to start a gourmet meal or to create a healthful vegetable medley side dish. The Cook Central can even do dessert. With numerous recipes to choose from in the included booklet, the opportunities are endless!

The Cook Central features Cuisinart’s brushed stainless steel housing and a 6-quart nonstick cooking pot that lets you brown or sauté directly in the unit. Once your meal is ready, the unit will automatically shift to Keep Warm mode so your meal is ready when you are. Serving your dish is easy -- just lift the pot out and take it to the table. Clean-up is a breeze with the Cook Central as the pot, steaming rack and glass lid are dishwasher-safe.

Where to buy Cuisinart MSC-600?

The slow cooker is available on local shops as well as online. I find that Amazon has the best offer that includes superb free shipping. Compare their price here.

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