Don't buy Miele B990E Rotary Iron Before You Read This

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Looking to get a Rotary Iron? Read first before you decide to get the Miele B990E rotary iron.

First we need to have a common understanding of why you would need a rotary iron and not the usual "portable" iron. If you only want to iron some daily clothes then rotary iron is way too  much for you, both in price and flexibility.

Rotary iron are built mainly to accommodate large quantity of flat sheet like bed linen or table cloth. This machine is perfect for those who runs motel, hotel or restaurant or those who sell laundry services to these type of customer. Using this machine will save a lot of your time to fold and flatten linen with great quality.

However not only business may bought this unit, regular house hold might also need one especially those who are concern of the hygienity of the bed linen, towel, curtain, table cloth and napkins. Imagine if you have four bedrooms in your house and replacing the bed sheet and towel every day, how many sheets would that be?

Manually ironing them with traditional steam iron will take years not to mention the hassle due to the large size. It is sometime frustrating to accidentally step on your already ironed linen and to find your foot mark there. If anyone experience this, then you might just know how terrible it was.

Rotary iron is designed mainly to address this issue, the complexity of it. If you decide to outsource the bed linen + pillow case ironing to local laundry you might be charged by $50. Not  cheap right? Imagine if you have to pay this amount every day or every week? How much do you spend in a year? Not to mention their quality is also moderate.

If you have this kind of issue, it is time to start making up your mind to try the Miele Rotary Iron. When you do the math you can easily figure out compare how much money can be saved by this unit. It is not a cheap product, therefore one needs to be really careful in making the big decision to own this unit.

Calculate how much you spend every month on your linens and accumulate it for five years? If it is more than the unit price, then you certainly needs this technology. Why five years? It's because this is a long term investment. The Miele Rotary Iron is made with Germany technology which is known to be so sturdy and have very long life span. 

The Miele B990E rotary iron is expected to last for a good 30 years, and 30 years is a long time. Though the price is a a bit too much in a glance, imagine how much you spend for Starbucks in a year or two? And you call that an investment? This Miele rotary iron is a real deal of investment.

Nobody knows about their future. If anything goes wrong with your job, this rotary iron might be your savior. You can literally create a small laundry or ironing services to target your nearby hotel & restaurants. An orphanage or elderly care or hospital might also need your service. You can also approach other parents and offer them the ironing service with a bargain price. Who wouldn't love to get a bed linen ironed for $10 or $5 when you yourself know that it is almost free if you have the machine?

The rotary iron is also super easy to used. You mainly use your foot to hit the pedal to control the movement so you will have both of your hands free to properly fit in the linen or whatever you are ironing. Imagine using your foot to operate the regular portable steam iron, can you do it?

Miele rotary iron also incorporates openings on its ends. These will allow shirt and extra wide sheet to be iron in this unit without problem. Simple innovation but a useful one. So how much does it cost?

Video of Miele B990E rotary iron in action:

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