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HomeCorners - Don't Buy Festool Domino Joiner Before You Read This.

Who really need the Domino Joiners? and who do not need it yet?

This tool is not recommended for newbie or those whose woodworking project rarely uses wood joints. This is also not for those who just want cheap tools and are OK with less quality and less durability.

Why? Simply because this tool is not cheap. It require some serious investments. This is for the real woodworker. Festool is a good collection tools just like Dewalt, Bosch, Ryobi, Makita.

However the investment do will pay you back quickly considering the better quality, faster and less stress.

Once you work with it once or twice, your work flow will be significantly faster. The investment price is worth it.

Domino Joiner Alternative

Domino Joinery is claimed to be better than any other joiner system used today.

Domino joiner vs biscuit.

Domino joiner is more flexible than a biscuit joint, stronger than a dowel joint and significantly faster to make than both of them.

Traditional joining system uses dowel or biscuit system. Domino system incorporated all the advantages of these older system and exceeds them in speed, ease of use and strength.

If you are ready to join the next revolution in carpentry, read through this article. Find out how to make fast, easy, and strong joint using domino joining system.

Festool Domino Joiner.

Joining wood used to be a slow and cumbersome task. Now all your panel, frame and rack joints can be combined quickly and precisely with one system, the domino joining system.

Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner will help you make all your joining work faster, easier, stronger and more importantly more accurate than ever before.

The prefabricated dominos are made from a solid wood. The domino tenon achieves maximum stability thanks to its special shape, designed with expanding glue socks and large gluing service area.

Unlike traditional round dowels, the domino is 100% rotation proof and extremely solid.

Domino Joiner provide the most innovative and superior method for easily cutting mortises with a handheld machine.

Festool Domino Reviews

The patent mortising of the domino allow you to work quickly and precisely without any kickback.

This revolutionary cutting method turns, oscillates and plunges the mortising tool, making flawless mortises every single time.

The mortise switch can be adjusted for clearance using the whole width selector.

The first hold switch is always mortise without clearance so the work piece will align accurately.

The adjacent hold is mortise with clearance to compensate for minor positioning and accuracy, and to allow for expansion and contraction of the material.

How to create sturdy, edgeless frame joint in an instant with a domino joiner?

Domino joiner for edgeless frame joint instruction:

1. Select the suitable size domino tenon and set the mortise depth.
2. Measure the rails and adjust the mortise size with the step stop.
3. Adjust the trim stop to accommodate the width of the wood work piece.
4. Align the rails central to the machine and cut the mortise.
5. Now simply glue and assemble the frame joints.
6. Cut the same remaining mortises with the same height setting.
7. Dry fit the assembling before gluing.
8. Simply insert the dominos into the mortises and then place the frame into position.

The domino joining system create sturdy frame joints instantly and accurately.

Domino Joint for Flush Panel Joints instructions

Flush panel joints can be made quickly and easily with domino joining system.

  1. Attach the cross stop to the domino joiner. The cross stop allows you to repeat full spacing easily and accurately.
  2. With the cross stop attach, position the domino joiner at the edge of the work piece using a stop pen.
  3. The first mortise is cut without clearance to index the work piece.
  4. Mortise the remaining holes with clearance to allow for positioning and accuracy.
  5. With the joiner in a vertical position, cut the mortises on the adjacent work piece.
  6. Align the pin on the cross stop to the edge of the previous mortise.
  7. Apply glue to both sides of the mortises and insert the domino tenon.
  8. Apply glue to the mortise and surface of the adjacent edge.
  9. The joint can be glued and positioned in one operation.
  10. Creating flush panel join can now be done quickly and easily.

Domino joiner can also be use perfectly to create doors frames and solid rack joints.
Creating door frame is easy with the domino joining system.

  1. With the domino joiners flat design you can even mortise in the remain of the door frame.
  2. Apply glue, making sure mortises having sufficient coating on both sides.
  3. Completely coating both sides of mortises increases stability.

End joining with bevel/angled joints panel manual.

For an angel joining which is very difficult, Festool Joinery can handle it easily with or without jig.

1. Simply adjust the positioning base to the angle of the work piece.
2. Pull the selection slide all the way back and push the position base all the way down.
3. Tighten the clamping lever.
4. Mortise along the bevel boards easily.
5. Mortise the adjacent panel.
6. Insert the dominos tenon.
7. The bevel panel is ready to joined accuratelly.
8. The result is a flawless joints.

Batch production of small work pieces.

Batch production can be easily achieved using the trim stop.

Simply adjust the trim stop to the width of your material and get started.

The precision and repeatability of the domino jointers can reduce project time and increase your productivity on small or large scale production runs.

The special shape of the domino tenon create a strong joint.

The alignment and assembling are quick and accurate. Joinery task that previously difficult and time consuming, are now made faster, easier and far better.

Domino tenon & cutter sizes & types.

Domino tenons are available in five sizes and types for a wide range of application and material thickness.

They area available in size: 10x50, 8x50, 8x40, 6x40 and 5x30 ( from S,M,L,XL)

Domino cutters are available in four sizes ranging from D10, D8, D6 and D5.  The domino cutter is easy to replace to fit the domino tenon sizes.

Domino Joiner Accessories: Dust extraction.

Festool domino joiners uses advanced dust extraction system to extract 99% of all chips generated while mortising. This will keep your work space clean and your lungs healthier due to less dust.

Festool Domino Joiner DF 500 Q

Weight : 13.28 pounds
Dimensions : 15.5 x 11.5 x 6.4
Voltage : 120 volts
Power consumption (Wattage) : 420 watts
Warranty Description : 3-Year Limited Warranty

What is included in the package?
Combination set includes: Domino DF 500-Plus Joiner, DOMINO cutter D 5mm, Support Bracket, Operating Tool, Trim Stop, Cross Stop, Plug-It Power Cord, and T-LOC Systainer #2 storage container.

If you need to get the additional cutters, they come with the assorted domino tenons or you can buy them separately.

Final word: Festool Domino Joiner is expensive but it is a dream to work with. It is just the best.

Festool domino for sale

You can either buy or rent joiners as alternative. Try to search your local craiglist for rental.

If you want to get one for yourself, they are available as new or refurbished one, in your local shop or online, like Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Bunnings, Ebay or Amazon.

I found that Amazon has the best offer and can shipped for free. It also shipped worldwide, worth if you are in US, UK or even in Australia.

Here's the link if you area interested to compare the price (both new and refurbished).

Happy joining your DIY woodworking!

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