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Looking for a morning back pain relief? Don't buy DreamFoam Mattress with 13" Memory Foam before you read this information. I am having an issue with my lower back fro several years now and I'm getting tired with the pain. Every morning I have to wake with uncomfortable feeling that can ruin my day.

A friend come and suggest to look for a memory foam mattress. He said that could be due to my low quality bed. I've been researching here and there to find the balance of quality and price and comes down to this solution with a budget around or below 1,000 dollar.

I'm not a big guy, rather skinny instead. On my thirties I have to bear with the uncomfortable pain on my low back, probably due to injury several years ago. I couldn't even remember when was it start however since then my back always troubles me.

With a limited budget, I know that I have to look deeper to find a diamond which is normally hidden and I have found it. A high quality memory foam mattress from DreamFoam seems to be perfect solution. It is priced only a quarter of those expensive brand however offering same level of comfort.

For a bed, like is not enough you've got to fall in love with it. Why? Because you will spend nearly a third of your life sleeping on it, 8 hours every single day for the rest of your life. Considering how much time I will spend on it, I think it is wise to spend an extra dollar for the benefit my health especially my back.

How do I fall in love with this mattress? There are some reasons why I choose DreamFoam memory mattress over other product. It doesn't mean that DreamFoam has the best quality. However it does have the best price-quality balance available on the market. Others might be more superior however the plus does not worth the thousands dollars addition. This one is perfect.

DreamFoam is made by a reputable company in USA. Not only the mattress but also the component. They are not built in China. The factory guarantee that all the components are 100% made in USA. This is a hard-to-refuse deal for myself as I always love American products.

Very firm but comfortable. I want to have a full supporting mattress which distribute my body weight evenly. This 13" mattress is just the perfect answer.  It is actually consist of 3 different layers:
  • 3 inch gel of memory foam. This upper layer will provide you with the soft surface.
  • 2 inch of memory foam. The middle layer is the firmer layer that support the softer upper layer.
  • 8 inch of premium base foam. This is the lower layer that supports the upper two layers and actually form the mattress.

Now I believe you notice that the memory foam is actually a 3 inch gel and a 2 inch second layer and not whole mattress are made of memory foam. This is why DreamFoam price are lower then their competitor. The real question is, "Can it provide the same level of comfort?"

Although it consist only of two memory foam layer, the quality of the memory foam is what actually matters. Like other products, there's always available a more expensive or cheaper quality. DreamFoam uses a high quality made in USA to make that their 3+2 inch of memory foam is all you need for your body.

Another major making it cheaper to other product is DreamFoam uses factory direct pricing in Amazon. Without so many retailers and distributors, consumer can always expect to have to most competitve price. It is exclusively sold on Amazon.

Not only the price, DreamFoam also offer fast and free shipping. Imagine the shipping cost of a product at this size, must be very expensive. Free shipping is a hard-to-refuse strategy as transportation is major consideration when purchasing it online.

DreamFoam is not only known for its super quality product but also for their five star customer service rating and also the 10 years warranty. Their support staffs are always willing to answer your question or if you have any issue with this product.

DreamFoam provide various size of memory foam mattress ranging from: Twin size, Twin XL size, Full size, Queen size, King size and California King size. They can also provide a custom size for your specific needs. If you ar a basket ball player or rather tall, you might better get a bigger mattress.

The memory and base foam are certified by CertiPUR-US. The certification ensures comfort, durability and healthy. The foam are guarantee free of chlorofluorocarbons, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and any heavy metals to ensure the safest place you can rest yourself on.

All memory foam mattress produce an odor after opening, however DreamFoam's are much less compare to other product. Even if you experience it, let it in a ventilated environment for a day or two will drastically reduce the smell.

The mattress uses a gel-infused technology to produce the memory foam. It has a selling points in conforming each individual unique body shape and weight. It also helps to keep the temperature optimum. It is not too hot or too cold, just what my body needs for a perfect and deep relaxing sleep.

The mattress is packed compressed and rolled up into cylinder so allow sometime for it to fully expand. It only need 30 minutes to expand however some people love to wait for a day to let it expand max. Some user reported that they have no issue sleeping on it only hours after unpacking.

All in all, DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel is teh best deal available on the market today. You can try a Temperpedic which is 4x pricier with almost the same quality. If your back is a concern however you are in a limited budget, get this one.

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