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Who is Sonos Playbar for (or not for)?

Sonos is intended for those who seek much better audio experience either for movies or music with the best standard. Sonos is not for those you are just looking additional speaker for TV. You can get much cheaper Chinese product if you only need additional speaker. If you think, you are interested please read before you decided to get this audio system.

What is actually Sonos Playbar?

Now we're gonna take a look at one of the best-selling pieces of Soundbar, the versatile Sonos Playbar.

Sonos is one of our most popular brands here in US over the past 14 years. They developed a great ecosystem of products that allow you to build your system at your own pace.

The Sonos app features an intuitive user interface that provides easy access to all of your streaming music services as well as all of the features we will be discussing today.

They are constantly releasing updates that often not only improve the functionality of their products but also their sound.

The Play bar is an all-in-one speaker system that can be used on its own for music streaming or can easily be connected to your television for dramatic improvement, over its a built-in speakers.

The Playbar can also be paired with other products in the Sonos lineup to create a great surround sound or a whole house music system.

Sonos playbar is almost three feet in length and features a simple and unassuming design. If you take a look at the back of the Playbar, you'll notice that there are only two connections: the power cord and an optical digital cable. This makes for a really simple setup process.

How Sonos Playbar Works?

Sonos Play bar is designed to be positioned near a boundary, either sitting on a shelf or mounted on a wall right under or above a TV. This helps reinforce a base and gives it a great tonal balance. A built-in gyroscope tells play bar how it's oriented, allowing it to automatically adjust itself to provide best possible sound and either position.

Controlling the play bar couldn't be simpler. After a 30 second setup process you will be able to control the play bar using your existing TV remote. The play bar also knows whether you're watching TV or listening to music and will seamlessly switch back and forth for you automatically.

Inside the Playbar there are nine speaker drivers: six mid-range drivers and three high frequency tweeters, each has its own amplifier with full DSP or digital signal processing control. These nine speakers cover the left, center and right to provide outstanding TV sounds.

A good sound bar should first and foremost allow you to understand every spoken word of dialogue tracks. The Playbar excelled in this area. We were able to make out even the most subtle nuances. Allowing us to gain a deeper sense of the emotions the actors were portraying. In the rare instance that you find a TV show or film where the dialogue track is getting drowned out.

Sonos has provided a feature they call speech enhancement accessed via the Sonos app. This mode allows the play bar to identify and isolate the range of frequencies of the human voice and boost them making it easier to understand the dialogue without having to crank up the overall volume.

Another great feature is called night sound. In instances where you want to enjoy your favorite show or a movie without waking your family turn this feature on and the volume of effects like bangs and crashes will automatically lower while the audio tracks volume remains consistent.

How to make Sonos Playbar Even Better?

While the standalone play bar is great for music listening and television, it isn't going to give you a full surround sound experience or the bass levels of a full audio system.

For true surround sound, we recommend you group the play bar with a pair of play 1, play 3, or play 5 speakers to use as rears.

Add a Sonos sub for a truly immersive experience that will not only improve TV shows and movies, but will make a world of difference when enjoying your favorite music. The Sonos playbar is simply one of the most flexible and useful products you'll ever have.

It works well by itself or paired with any of the other products in the Sonos lineup, to take things to a whole different level.

Where to get the best price for Sonos Playbar?

We found that Amazon has the best price range for Sonos Playbar. Here's the link if you want to compare the price. Don't forget, they also offer wonderful free shipping which we can never resist.

We know this is a huge investment for audio, however if you think that Sonos is for you, you will not regret once you get it.

Table 1. Sonos Playbar Specification

FeatureSonos Playbar Specification
Power Supply100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto-switchable
Dimension3.35” (H) x 35.43” (W) x 5.51” (D),

85mm (H) x 900mm (W) x 140 mm (D
Weight11.9 lbs (5.4kgs)
Package ContainPLAYBAR, AC power cord, optical audio cable, quick start guide and legal booklet
Side Panel ButtonsVolume Up, Volume Down and Mute
Side Panel LEDsIndicates PLAYBAR status
NetworkingEthernet Port (2), Wireless Connectivity, SonosNet Extender

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