Don't Buy Neato Botvac WiFi Before You Read This

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HomeCorners - Don't Buy Neato Botvac Connected WiFi Before You Read This.

Why Choose Neato Botvac ?

Basically there are two main brands to choose on high quality vacuum robots: The rounded Roomba and the D-shaped Neato Botvac.

We prefer the Neato because of the D shaped form to get the corners better. There are three classes to choose from: D3, D5 and the flagship Neato Botvac connected.

Neato Botvac is an upgraded version with better control, better battery life and better filter.

It does the job perfectly fine. It will get all the corners. It doesn't miss a spot. We use it every day and are blissfully surprised to find that every time we open it up, we see that it picks up a lot of dirt on hair.

Is Neato Botvac  Cat Friendly?

Yes. We should probably mention that there are several cats in our home so we get a lot of cat hair in our home.

How do those cats react to it? well that is a big surprise. They usually hate  regular vacuum cleaner but the Neato has become a part of the family. The cats don't mind it. They even find it interesting to look at it.

Is it better to get Vacuum robot with WiFi?

We definitely recommend to get a vacuum robot with Wi-Fi. It helps a lot. The Neato are packed with features like remote controlling and other interesting stuffs.

The Neato has and we can start it from smartphone. We can set up a schedule. We can tell it to go back to charging station and other things. 

We can communicate with it even when we are not at home, just to find out if it's stuck or something. Does that happen? sometimes. something about factory robots is that you have to optimize your home so it doesn't get stuck.

We can't leave stuff lying around or they will just try to eat it like a t-shirt. It will swallow it and go into a coma just like when you eat a big family pizza. But if you make sure that the Neato has clear access to clean everywhere, it will do an excellent job and return to charge.

This goes for every model. There is no model that will jump over hurdles and do the impossible.

Can Neato Avoid Stairs?

We are pleasantly surprised Neato did not fall down the stairs. It has these sensors which will tell it not to go where it can fall down.

It can even get up on higher thick carpet but it can't get into our bathroom because it's just too much of a leap for it. It also can't  get on the bed, the sofa, under chairs as long as the space is not smaller than the Neato itself.

How is the battery life of Neato Botvac?

Now we are to talk about battery life. We have two floors and it will get the top floor without problems. When it gets the job done, it quickly goes back to the docking station without problem.

However bottom floor it's a bit bigger and it can't get all of it without getting a low battery warning, but here's the cool thing. It vacuums for about 40 minutes, then it goes back to recharge, and then when it's done charging about 2 hours, it goes back to finish the job. If you have it on schedule when you're not at home it's not a concern.

Is it too early to buy a vacuum robot or is it time to get it?

This is our biggest concern and question before we got it.

Our recommendation is vacuum robots have definitely overcome any shortcomings for early technology. They will become better each year just like smartphones and other high tech.

We are extremely pleased with Neato Botvac. It has made our life a lot easier and we rarely use a vacuum cleaner anymore, only for spaces it can't reach like sofas and couches.

You can rest assured if you get a need and you will not be disappointed, just keep your expectations realistic.

Where is the best place to get Neato Botvac?

We find that Amazon has the best price and they also offer free shiping which is useful. Here's the link if you want to compare the prices.

Table 1. Neato Botvac Specification.

FeatureNeato Botvac Connected Wifi Specification
Power Supply110 VAC, 220 VAC
Dimension3.9” (H) x 13.2” (W) x 12.7” (L)
Dimension (metric)10cm (H) x 33.5cm (W) x 32.1cm (L)
Weight9 lbs (4.1 kgs)
BatteryHigh-Capacity Lithium-Ion
Warranty1 year

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