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Looking for a furniture sofa set for your patio garden? Don't buy one before you read this information. Hanging around on your backyard with the kids and spouse in the morning or evening is a great activity.

With an addition of a sofa set, it will be perfect. Drinking a cup of warm tea while chatting and making jokes here and there is a hard to resist temptation to relieve your stress. Therefore get an appropriate outdoor furniture is highly necessary.

Outdoor furniture needs to be durable against wind, rain, UV and some snow. They are exposed directly to the environment. Therefore never expect to have the same level of softness to your interior couch. Durability is the main issue with patio sofa.

Another important point of an outdoor furniture is that they needs to be light enough to be moved with one or two person power. You don't wanna break your back every time moving your patio furniture every winter right?

Rattan is one material which is durable and also light weight. They are also have beautiful details when wicker one and another. I recommend Patio Sofa Set by Urban Finishing for your need. Why?

First, Urban Finishing has a remarkable customer service. Complaining about furniture is normally difficult compare to electronic products, as they involve more human intervention during the manufacturing process. However, this is not the case with Urban Furnishing. Once you spot a defect from your product never hesitate to contact their Customer Service for a solution. Try it.

Second, high quality product. Urban Furnishing is long known as a reputable furniture manufacturer. They really concern about the quality of the product and never compromised with it. The rattan sofa set is not an exception either.

Third, Modern Look. Although it is made from wicker rattan, the design of this patio sofa is modern minimalist. The set is design for modern family who love simplicity however still keeping a touch of details by wicker the rattan manually by hand.

Fourth, Fully assembly and ready to enjoy. No more headache to assemble either the chair or the table. Once arrived, you only need to unpacked, put the cushion and it is ready to enjoy. Anyone can do this, right? It's like a plug and play in the furniture world.

Fifth, Designed for you. The Urban Furnishing OAHU Patio sofa set is available in five colors: beige, lime green, charcoal (dark), coral red and sea blue. Beige and charcoal are for those who love a calm color wheres the other three are for those who seeks for a more dynamic appearances.

Urban Furnishing does not only uses high quality materials for their products like using a durable lightweight aluminium frame but also gives it a 3 year warranty on the framework. The frame work make it easy to reconfigure the layout according to your need and idea.

This beautiful garden couch set is comprise of 7 piece: four middle chair, one corner chair and a coffee table. The chair are equipped with a soft cushion to rest your body and your back.

Although this best outdoor furniture is made in China however they have a very good standard being export to USA and the USA team is always ready to solve your issue with the sofa if any. For example if your table glass is broken during shipment do not hesitate to call them and to ask for their response. Be nice though it might be the shipping fault.

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