Don't Buy The Purple Mattress Before You Read This

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Homecorners - Don't buy the purple mattress before you read this.

What is your sleeping position?

Did you know that most people sleep on their side a lot? I think honestly that's why this bed is so awesome because as you can imagine when you lay sideways on a bed, your hips needs to sink down a little bit. The good thing about this purple bed is it doesn't matter which way I lay because it's even all. The purple bed is even so it works great.

There is one thing that I have to mention especially you are like me. I'm kind of a edge of the bed sleeper. I guess most mattresses have some sort of seam, however this bed does not. It just so even from center to the edge.

In the first few nights I wasn't really going to fall out but I have to be more wary.  It's because if I get to the edge of the bed it doesn't feel any different. I do have to be kind of careful. Well that's a good actually however if you are an edge type like I do, you need several days to adjust your sleep sensory.

Another thing that I didn't realize is how often I moved my legs to get cool while I was in other bed.

With this bed you don't do that. It's so weird it's just always cool.

I guess that's because the air is able to get up under those little purple things and keep you cool. The bed is great. 

Aside from an edge type sleeper, I also move a lot during my sleep.  I usually I start out on my stomach. Usually fall asleep on my side and end up on my back.

Is the purple bed loved by pets?

The other good thing about this bed is how the pets loved it. My cat love to sleep on it. I've personally liked my cat sleeps with us however he doesn't go to bed immediately. He usually goes to bed sometime in the middle of the night so he also climbs all the way up on the other side of the bed.

The nice thing about this bed is you can't feel him getting on the bed, like I could on the old bed so it doesn't wake me up at night, which is super nice.

Beware! First night sleeping with purple bed.

My first night on the mattress I was suffering from neck pain, back pain and headaches also I had a little stiffness.

Other thing is that my partner hated the mattress she said that the mattress was too flat. She said the mattress was hard but not hard, she just couldn't figure out what was wrong with the mattress.

However I remember reading to the brochure said that it may take a couple of days for your body to adjust to the mattress, if you've been out of line for so long which we have.

On the second night she said her shoulder doesn't hurt anymore. Then a third the next night she fell in love with this mattress. Therefore not only am I in love with the purple mattress, now my partner who was the biggest skeptic loves the purple mattress.

She feels like this is the best investment that we have ever made. I feel the same way.

Where is the best place to get The Purple Mattress?

I find it that Amazon has the best deal, also they offer a free shipping which is a super plus. A good free shipping is always hard to refuse :)

If you think this Purple mattress is for you, here's where you can learn more about it.

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