Don't Buy Pioner Ductless Air Condition 24000 BTU Before You Read This.

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HomeCorners - Don't Buy Pioner Ductless Air Condition 24000 BTU Before You Read This.

I just got this system in a few days ago and had it installed today by a local professional heating and air conditioning company.

Previously, I went to youtube to serach for videos on installing these things thinking taht I could do it myself and then quickly realize that I can't.

Therefore I went ahead and hired the professionals who do a bunch of these systems. They are very good. They said this is a  very efficient systems.

The whole reason why I got it was because we have two AC units in our home. One unit for downstairs the other unit for our upstairs.

The downstairs is an AC unit operating at night for our master bedroom.

It has to cool the entire house to cool our master bedroom because our master bedroom stays a little bit warmer than the rest of the house.

This system can simply freeze out our bedroom which is what we like. We like to sleep real cold at night.

What are the pros?

Few things about the system, it is very compact.

The inside unit on our bedroom wall is only  two and a half feet long by about maybe a foot 10 inches tall and comes off the wall by about 8 inches. It's not a big device at all.

I really like the remote control.

It has several different features. You can set it to the Feel Mode, which means it detects and uses a sensor to detect the comfort level of the room and it tries to optimize how it blows the air to really make the room feel comfortable.

You can also switch to cool mode which is currently on dry which is a dehumidifier.Of course an AC is also a dehumidifier but this allows you just to dehumidified the room without having to use the AC.

It also has the Fan mode just for ventilation. There's also a Heat mode because it's also a heat pump as well as an air conditioner.

You can also adjust your fan speeds by pressing the fan button and you can change it from automatic to, where it's a thermostat setting from high, mid to low.

Even if put it on High you can really barely hear the unit.

How quiet it is?

It's extremely quiet.

It's not going to be a unit that's going to keep you up at night even in a bedroom. My wife is a very light sleeper and she even really likes how quiet the unit is.

Also if you hit the swing button, it simply adjusts it so the louvers that go up and down start rotating automatically up and down.

Keep in mind it does not swing side to side, it only swings up and down.

The pioneer ductless ACalso has a very powerful fan and you can really feel the air all the way across the room. Even so I guarantee you almost cannot hear the sound. I really love the quietness.

I had to say the number one pro that this unit has is how quiet it is. I would probably say it's the equivalent of a regular fan in your room.

If you're gonna have a fan like a countertop fan or if you'd like to sleep  with the fan on, it's probably just as loud as a fan on a low setting.

That's how quiet it is.

Once again, it 's a complete unit. It has a thermostat built-in and it's also a heating system, air conditioning, dehumidifier and vent

The outside unit is about the same width as the inside about two and a half feet. It's about 20 inches tall and it's about 10 inches deep.

This is actually a 110/120 volt unit so you don't need to run any high current power to it.

The condenser actually has a sensor on it that detects if the condenser itself needs to run or not.

It'll actually turn the unit off if the temperature gets to a point to where it doesn't require the fan running.

Even with the outdoor unit's running, with the blade spinning, it's extremelly very quiet.

You can try to stand right next to it and it's still barely audible. I mean you really can't hear the unit running.I have a fountain in my pool which is you around 50 feet away from me and I can hear the fountain over the air-conditioning unit.

Again this is the Pioneer unit most commonly seen on

It comes with 16 feet of cable. It actually came with enough copper wire to fully complete the installation job, as well as power.

The only other thing you'd have to pay of course is your installation company or your electrical company to setup.

I highly recommend this unit it's absolutely a good purchase.

Who is this unit for or not for?

The pioneer ductless aircond system is not for you who just want to get a cool room and do not mind the horrible fan sound.

If you are OK to sleep with a noise from an aircond, you definitely can purchase a cheaper system.

This unit is also not for those who is OK with only few years of life. The pioneer ductless AC might be a big investment in front however over time the durability will pays off.

If you are interested for this system and you think this unit for you, compare the price on Amazon.

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