Don't Buy Lion Premium 32" Propane Grill Before You Read This.

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HomeCorners - Don't Buy Lion Premium 32" Propane Grill Before You Read This.

Let's take a look at this grill.

First thing we have is a really nice cover. This Lion grill came with grilling package.

Part of that that grilling package is the canvas cover. It's very nice, heavy duty, strong and premium material. It got the big lion logo up on top.

After opening the cover, first thing that you're going to notice is the great big thermometer.

I really do like that. It was easy to read. The older I get the better I like, being able to easy to read on our thermometers.

It's nice and it's big numbers are easy to read. Lion did a great job. It's built heavy. This is 16 gauge stainless steel, using 304 stainless steel so I don't have to worry about rusting out like my last one did.

My last one was $1,000 grill and it didn't last four years so I was not happy at all.

Big heavy-duty handle lifts up real well. On the inside you can see it comes with the rotisserie. It's got a 15,000 BTU rotisserie, an infrared burner in the back.

Some grills do not come with this rotisserie, but you have to buy it as extra. This one came with a barbecue package.

That barbecue package includes the cover. It also came with the rotisserie, which comes on and off real easy. It's also made of  stainless steel.

The rotisserie slips off real easy. You can take it out and move it out of your way when you're not needing it.

It also came with a chip box so if you want to put a little smoke in there.

Whenever you're barbecuing or whenever you're using your rotisserie, or you want to have your chicken, or have your pork loin or whatever you can do that and have your chips burning to add some aroma.

If you look at the motor, it just slides back comes on and off very easily. It is housed and stainless steel. I like that this Grill has just really built tough by stainless steel grates.

The flame tamers are located down and there you're covering up a cast iron burner 15,000 BTU burner. They're bolted.  There's a bolt that holds them in place. Great guarantee on those and on the whole thing.

I'd looked at a lot of different grills. I looked at the blaze. I've looked at the bull. I had looked at the bullet, different ones and this one.

I've been on barbecue guys website, been on YouTube look at different things with them that they had presentations they made on grills.

I started looking at the Lion, looking at reviews on it, and all I can tell you is I am very very happy.

Lion Premium 32" Propane Grill is very though.

It's built tough. It's built very well. This is a propane grill and it  does have lights. If you're in a position where you needed lights it does work.

Part of that barbecue package was the grill lifter and it's got a handy little beer opener on it on one end.

The other thing you get on here is you get a griddle and I think that's just really really a neat deal.

We can take these grills off, move two of the grills, and then slide my griddle into place. It's got a little bit of a slope in it. That way the oil will drip off down into the middle, you can catch it on your pan.

If you were frying bacon on here, if you were doing pancakes or whatever this is just really neat for doing a brunch. I guess you could throw some onions on there if you wanted to and grill those up.

All of that was part of the package that came along for free with it. I guess nothing's free but anyways it is a neat package.

I really do like it, and like I said we have been cooking on this grill a lot. We enjoy it. We use it a lot and I think this is going to last us a whole lot of years.

I decided on this lion made of 16-gauge 304 stainless steel. I think it's going to last me a lifetime and again it came with the rotisserie.

I think it's a great investment for what I got. I am excited about it and we're looking forward to using this for a whole lot of years.

I hope you enjoyed this review of my lion grill 32-inch. If you also think this grill is a great investment, don't hesitate to compare the price on Amazon here .

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