Don't Buy ChiliPad Cooling & Warming Mattress Before You Read This.

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HomeCorners - Don't Buy ChiliPad Cooling & Warming Mattress Before You Read This.

There's a secret we want to share. Never sleep hot again.

Finally the nightly battle over the thermostat can be settled. 95% sleep partners sleep at different temperatures. One partner sweats while the other one piles on the blankets.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The ChiliPad is the ultimate solution. Our customers have saved over $100 per month by cooling or heating the mattress with the ChiliPad instead of the whole house.

How Difficult to Operate Chilipad?

The ChiliPad remotes are easy to use. Just set the temperature press ENTER and your bed will stay cool or warm all night long.

To set up your ChiliPad, remove your linens. If you use a mattress protector leave it in placen put the ChiliPad on top and lay out the pad on your mattress.

The adjustable bands are designed to work with mattresses up to 18 inches in height. The attached connection tubes can be located on either the head or foot of the mattress.

These connect to the side of the control unit and can be conveniently placed near your bedside. Additional connection extension tubes are available if desired.

Next fill the control unit with distilled water, turn the power on and continue adding water until the system is full.

A queen sized ChiliPad takes less than two liters of water. The ChiliPad is designed to fit on any style or in size of mattress, including adjustable beds.

It's easy to care for. The pad is machine washable.

What long is ChiliPad warranty?

Your ChiliPad is covered by a three-year warranty. Clinical research has shown if you're suffering from insomnia, cooling the environment sleeping area can dramatically improve your quality of sleep.

The ChiliPad cools or heats you while you sleep to an icy pool 46 degrees or a toasty warm 118 degrees or anywhere in between.

Chili technology was developed by a husband-and-wife team that have personally experienced the relief from insomnia and night sweats with this product.

We think this product will provide wonderful lasting relief., as we spend 8 hours in our bed that's make it 1/3 of our entire life spent on sleeping.

I personally would invest on my sleep quality. If you have the same opinion don't hesitate to compare the price on Amazon here before you decided to buy. They offer a free shipping which is hard to refuse.

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