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Read first before you decide to get door a lock. Depending on your needs, now there available traditional door lock using a physical key and a modern technology which uses electronic technology. You have seen the door lock in hotels where they used the card as the key. Well now the technology has been advancing a little by incorporating the touchscreen technology like you see on the movies.

Previously this technology are meant for highly secure offices, banks, labs and military facilities. However, as the technology become cheaper household can now afford this modern door lock. As the price reduce and the installation become easier more and more houses are starting to use the key less door lock.

Various model, type and price are available on the market today and it is getting confusing to get the good one. My friend Zo has the same problem and ask me for an opinion. I decided to look further and learn more about this new technology and share it with all of you as well.

Looking at reviews, complaints, price and installation difficulties, my eyes cannot blink when I saw the Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Door Lock.  It look sturdy and strong which guarantee the security however the design is so slim and beautiful. The Schlage team manage to design a beautiful door lock without sacrificing the main purpose: securing your house.

What's the advantage of using a Touchscreen Door Lock?

First, although the unit comes with a physical key you are good without it. There are several limitation of physical key system. Most of the time is a simple your or your kids forget where you put it. It's frustrating every time you need to get in or get out and you cannot find the key with you. It burn a lot of energy just try to memorize where the hell is the key, whether it is misplaced or lost or dropped somewhere.

With the touchscreen system, there is no way to lose your key, given that you can remember the pin . If you can remember your ATM pin, then remembering your won house security pin is as easy it is. As long as you can remember it or hint it, you are safe. If you are somehow lost it from your brain, this is where the back up physical key may come in handy.

The Schlage Touchscreen Door Lock even took it further. Every family member can have their own key. Everyone can have their favorite string number, like birthday as the key. This is especially good if you have children or servant.

It can also set a temporary key for your coming friend or relative or the plumbing person. Just create a temporary key for them before they come, and text it to them and once they leave, you can delete it. No more risky placing your key under your doormat or flowerpot. You might have a secure and favorite place to hide your key however after sometime someone might just notice it and use it without you know it.

Setting up a temporary key is much safer and every time someone come and go you can set a different key. When they know they key are always different one, you can rest assure that someone with a bad intention might just cancel their motives due to the security. You can make yourself a temporary guest house and earn some bucks with this technology.

The ability to set up different keys is also useful if you plant to rent your house. After a renter decided to leave, you can just set up a new key for the new one. There is no need to replace the door lock . With a traditional physical key, you will always afraid that the old renters somehow still have the copy of the old key themselves and no one knows whether they will "visit" your house again or not.

For those paranoid that someone with bad intention might do the fingerprint scan to guess the key combination just like the spying movies, you can rest assure. The Schlage Connect Century uses the figerprint resistant technology to repel any traces of your combination. Only you and your family will have the access to the combination.

Another useful feature is the the smart Z-wave technology. Basically it is a smart integration technology which let your touchscreen door lock connecting to your security system. With this system, you are able to unlock or lock wirelessly using your smartphone or from the internet. This is very convenient if you are just like me who always forget and wondering whether I had lock up the door or not. It's troublesome that just after 2 minutes driving you decided to go back to the house just to check whether the door is locked or not.

The Schlage touchscreen door lock also has built-in alarm with it. It has three alert modes, i.e: activity, tamper and forced entry which tell you if someone is trying to breach into your house. This is very useful and will save you couple of bucks if it is not built-in.

Some users reported that this unit is consuming a lot of battery though. They said the 4 AA batteries run out pretty quickly. Maybe due to wrong installation or setting as the specification said that the battery will last a good 8,766 hours.

All in all this is the best touchscreen door lock available on the market, grade one. With a lifetime mechanical warranty and 1 year electronic warranty this is the security investment that I recommend. It is a little bit costly than traditional door lock. However, here is the ultimate question:
How much do you price the security of your family and belonging? 

Video of Schlage Doorlock system:

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