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Don't buy Miele Complete C3 Marin Vacuum Cleaner before you read this information. Bored with the loud noise of your vacuum or the hassle to always switching speed for different area? A friend ask the same question and after some research I decided to also share it here so it may benefit more people.

My research comes down to the new Miele's vacuum cleaner code name is C3 Marin. For those who are wondering where is this unit built, I must tell it is built in Germany not China. I personally loves Germany products, they are so durable and exceptional in terms of quality. I can expect 20 years not just 2 or 3 years before the vacuum needs replacement.

However you might be surprised by how much does it cost? Yep, it's a little more than 1,000 dollars. I myself was stunned by the price. A vacuum cleaner costing more than 1,000 bucks. Are they kidding me? Well, guest what, they don't. Does it really worth the price? I mean this is a vacuum cleaner, you only use it for cleaning. It's not a high-tech fantastic drone. However after some thinking, what actually a drone really useful for? Perhaps a mere cleaner has more useful. Let's take a look what makes it pricy and does it worth it?

Awesome Durability. Like what I mention in front. Miele claims their best vacuum cleaner are tested and can last up to 20 years, that's a really long life for a vacuum cleaner. Not only that, they also claims this quiet vacuum can operate like brand new every single day. That's why I love Germany product so much. They just have a long life and very durable.

A thousand dollars might sound so expensive however in the long run, it really worth the investment. Dividing it by 20 years comes to 50 bucks a year investment or say it last only ten years, it still comes to 100 dollars per year. There are a bunch of cheaper vacuum out there, however their life span might be much shorter. Not only the life span, you need to consider the performance as well.

Great performance. The quietest vacuum cleaner on the planet actually host a powerful Vortex Motor System. The motor can deliver a powerful suction which such a low noise. Incredible technology that only few manufacturer can produce. Normally powerful motor also creates high noise. I'm not sure how do they did it, however they absolutely succeed in doing so. It has six Speed Settings Controlled via +/- Foot switch to ensures the correct level of power for the surface being cleaned.

Super smart. For those who mind to set the correct speed for different surface like hard on smooth surface and softer on a carpet, sofa or pillow. This intelligent vacuum cleaner is your best option. With its auto motor setting mode, it will automatically reduce its suction when you move from smooth parquet or tile to a delicate carpet and sofa and then automatically increase its suction once it touch the hard smooth surface again. This is very much useful especially if your house or room have many materials. Thanks to the brilliant sensors and intuitive programming system.

High degree filtration system. Nobody can buy their health, however one can always choose to invest on living healthy and choosing instrument to guarantee your health. Miele develops their own unique filtration system which are capable of capturing and retaining more than 99.9% of all particles that can damage your lung. Your lung is one of the most vital organ of our body, protecting it means ensuring our body are supplied by a good oxygen. Just like your skin which need a good spa, your lungs need a good vacuum cleaner.

Exceptional convenience. Miele's C3 vacuum cleaner are exceptionally nimble and remarkably intuitive. You can clean floor, sofa, mattress, and even ceiling without any problem. The retractable cord which is a good feature to avoid you from stumbling here and there. The telescopic wand made from high grade Aluminium is ideal to clean the ceiling. It also really helpful to clean a wide are of 36 feet.

Excellent maneuver. With the unique Parquet Twister head, Miele's vacuum cleaner is a great tools to clean your smooth flooring. A really nice addition to clean corners and under furniture where other upright vacuum cleaner cannot do.

Convenient storage. Miele provides a canister which is very useful to keep all the accessories are in place and easy to  organize. It's about cleaning so if the manufacturer itself never think of how to keep their product organized then forget it.

Light weight and easy to use. With all the powerful motor, stainless wand and great filtration you might expect to get a heavy vacuum. This C3 Marin Vacuum cleaner is actually light weight, great for elders and kids, and it is not too bulky either. You can move it easily around the house with almost no effort.

All in all, Miele C3 Marin vacuum cleaner is a great deal and considering the durability and performance this is a great vacuum not just for hotel, school, restaurant or meeting hall but especially for houses. Great for elders and kids as well.

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