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Looking for a quality all-in-one ice cream, sorbet, yoghurt gelato maker? Don't buy one before you read this information. Frustrated by the low quality ice cream machine, the one which broken easily or those which taste awful or not smooth enough. Well, you are not alone. A friend come to me and complain about her ice cream maker and ask for my recommendation.

After a thorough research I finally come down to a product which best serve her. She has a little cafe which needs a fast and high quality ice cream and sorbet maker and this product suits her pretty much. Instead of keeping the information to ourselves, I decided to share it with you all. Let me know what you think.

We are looking for a durable machine, a high quality one. We don't want to invest on a cheap machine which might cause us to lose our potential customer. After comparing here and there, the 2 Quarts Dessert Maker Lello Musso Pola 5030 seems to be the champion. Why do we choose this ice cream maker?

It is made in Italy. Yes you hear me right, it is not made in China and as you might suspect the price might as well a little higher. However I assure you the price worth the investment. No one is gonna regret to have this lovely frozen yoghurt maker in your kitchen, either for cafe, restaurant or home.

Six Quarts of Dessert an hour. You might not believe me when I said Lello 5030 can make six quartz in an hour. Well, here is the math: It took approximately 20 minutes for this desert maker to make ice cream, gelato or frozen yoghurt. With 2 quartz capacity in each process you get a good 6 quartz of super delicious dessert. Of course you will need to do some cleaning between each process, however it take less than five easy minutes :)

Food grade, high quality stainless steel blade, bowl and body. Nobody want to risk their health, in this case metal contamination into their food. Lello understand this very much. The stainless steel does make the unit stain less, easy to clean and durable. The classic finish is just perfect showing years of experience.

The bowl is also made of high quality stainless steel. A strong and durable bowl capable of handling 2 quartz of product in an extreme environment: dazzling cold and high rotating blade. Take note that the bowl cannot be removed from the unit so there is no worries of spilling here and there However, cleaning is a bit tricky as you cannot bring it to the dishwasher. Warm soft towel is a good choice.

Self-contained freezing unit. This is the best feature for those who adore cleanliness. Without the need of salt or ice, which are a must for traditional process, there is no mess either. Don't worry the modern process has been engineered to produce a better result than traditional one either, even better in batch quantity.

Ready to consume or frozen to harden. When time is critical, 20 minutes is all you have to satisfy your hungry customer or children after the big meal. Just put all the ingredients before you serve the meal and let the machine magically create the soft smooth, ready to eat ice cream. If you need a harder texture like those frozen ice cream on the market, allow a day or night to make it perfect just like Baskin & Robbins.

Yummy Italian Ice. Rise your hand if you love the Italian ice cream. Lello ice cream maker is really a dream come true. Italian ice cream will be on your table every day from now on. It may take a while for you to configure the perfect recipe, however the recipe book will give an almost perfect results. As everyone has their own preference, customizing it will be best. One thing to remember is to find the correct proportions of liquid and solid of your mixture.

Powerful compressor. Freezing is all depend on the compressor size. The bigger the compressor the faster it can freeze the bowl and the ice cream. Lello Musso Pola 5030 has a more than enough compressor power to make 2 quartz of ice cream easily under 20 minutes.

Easy maintenance. The unit is pretty much maintenance free. The only caution to be considered is to avoid the central pin to be exposed by the ice cream. This is normally happen when you want to remove the ice cream by removing the dasher first, and forgot to re-screw the bolt. The real problem comes when some ice cream get inside the gap between the central pin and the solid plastic around it. A gear box issue might arise therefore be real careful not to wet the central pin.

Some useful tips:

  • Let the compressor on for 15 minutes and let the bowl chilled first before you add your ice cream ingredients. Chilling the bowl empty is faster when it is filled up and it is highly necessary to produce a high quality ice cream.
  • Let it warm up for 20 minutes before cleaning the bowl. Give enough time when you want to wipe the bowl with mild warm towel or paper tissue. If it is still freezing, the water from the towel might be frozen on the bowl. A good 20 minutes after emptying the bowl is all you need to wait.
  • Prepare a wide and strong table or anything to place it. This 2 quartz ice cream maker is heavy. When I said heavy it means an impressive 72 pounds or 32 kg. It is better to get someone help to lift it up as it might cause problem to your back. However once settle, you will love the sturdy weight and looks. It also requires a good 20 x 14 x 12.2 inches area to sit this unit.

All in all I believe that Lello Musso Pola 5030 dessert maker is a lifetime investment. You might be surprised to see the price however considering that this unit can make six quartz of ice cream, frozen yoghurt, Gelato and many more in  an hour, this is a hard-no deal. It really worth the investment.

Video of Lullo Musso Pola 5030:

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